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Construction Procurement

Hansworth's construction procurement philosophy aims to deliver best value solutions and services to our clients. A flexible, yet robust, system with a keen eye for detail enables us to maintain best practice methods while providing innovative and effective solutions to our clients procurement needs. We maintain high ethical and fair practice standards when dealing with both material and service providers.

Construction Procurement Process

The construction procurement process identifies the benefits, risks and constraints in terms of budget and geography. The resultant strategy focuses on time, performance and cost considerations to deliver a best value solution that meets or exceeds a client's business objectives during the construction phase of the project.

The detailed technical knowledge of our experienced team enables us to minimise the risk and provide an integrated solution that delivers projects on time and within budget.

Construction Procurement Services

During the construction phase of a project it is important for the procurement process to be in sync with the on-site team to ensure they are not delayed in achieving their required goal. To achieve this, we work closely with the engineering and site teams to understand the construction plan along with any on-site design changes that are required.

We provide the following services to help achieve our goal: